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Why might you be interested in engaging with us?

Through our collective agency we bring to myfastestmile an extensive range of personal experiences, networks and acquired knowledge of the sporting domain and a deep passion for learning and development. From coaching ourselves to working with world-leading coach development programmes, applying emerging theoretical frameworks to organisational change, connecting with some of the most innovative thinkers and idea generators in social learning and curating an extensive library of resources to support your learning journey. Our approach to organisational learning is purposefully playful with the aim of bringing some much needed humanity back to the workplace and we’d love to share it with you.

What might an engagement with us involve?

Primarily, we see our role as helping you to facilitate the learning journey of your people by empowering their personal agency as learners, providing appropriately tailored developmental challenge, and connecting them to a support network of expertise and resources that enables them to align their performance to your organisational purpose. Exactly what that mix looks like will be unique for your organisation – we pride ourselves on adapting to meet your needs rather than prescribing a recipe-like solution.

How might our engagement proceed and where will you end up?

Even if we could answer that, why would you want us to?! Part of embracing learning is getting comfortable with the uncertainty inherent in the journey. One thing we can guarantee – we’re committed to helping you get better at being your best as an organisation by unlocking the potential in your people.

Who might join you on the journey?

Modern organisational dynamics are shaking the foundations of traditional management hierarchies and we believe that this has created an exciting opportunity to get closer to the true heart of organisational development by situating learning opportunities in the real dynamics and teamship of life within and beyond the organisation’s traditional boundaries. We therefore see organisational learning and development as a complex, holistic endeavour involving dynamically networked teams of people engaging in the practice of community.

When can we start?

If you would like to explore this opportunity further, we offer a novel ‘pay at your discretion’ (PAYD) initial consultation that serves to help us better understand your organisation, its needs and what a co-created learning journey with us could look like. Or you may be happy with a one-off engagement – the choice is entirely yours to make.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear more.