The #relearn Journey – Next Stop: Manchester

Mark Upton
Jun 10, 2016

It’s taken a while but finally we can confirm that #relearn is coming to the north of England — Manchester to be exact, on the evening of 5th of July.

Given our first foray into that part of the country I’m sure we will have many wondering what the #relearn concept is about. Well, to be honest we’re still figuring that out ourselves! After 3 events in Marlow, Buckinghamshire the format and experiences people value are starting to become clearer.

The 3rd #relearn South event was held a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t found the time to share some of my reflections on the event so I thought I would do that below to give people an idea of what to expect. The image at the top of this post gives a flavour of the themes and questions that were discussed on the night. However this is by no means prescribed by us – we rely on attendees to bring their story, which shapes the narrative that emerges.

My reflections…

  • no desire from attendees for “sage on stage” – perhaps evidence people are “pulling in” information and content online as they desire and so don’t need a formal space for this to happen. Instead they are seeking a sense making space (?)
  • good critical thinking – people prepared to share their doubts and uncertainty and others prepared to listen to different perspectives
  • diversity of attendees – people bringing challenges and questions to this space knowing they will get different perspectives from a more diverse group than they usually engage with
  • little bit of challenge – but scope for more. Hopefully this reflects our intent to create a “safe space” for dialogue and critical debate.
  • a sense of community is forming with desire for on-going conversations (face to face and online)

(also see these posts (1 & 2) from @ImSporticus sharing his reflections of the #relearn experience)