Sport Systems – fragments of thought #12


Letting go…

Mark Upton
Aug 2, 2018

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It’s been a while since posting the last fragment in this series, and perhaps appropriate (inevitable?) that my first post since returning to Australia is stimulated by events in the sports landscape Down Under.

Yesterday the freshly branded Sport Australia unveiled The National Sport Plan ‘Sport 2030’. There was a connection to be made with a quote from a video on systems change and innovation that I had come across only 24 hours earlier…

“To think that we get to make a plan and direct the organisation toward a pre-specified outcome is just an illusion… a failure to recognise the complexity of the systems we are dealing with”

Good intentions, yet the nature of reality creates significant tensions.

Whilst reading The Plan I was also drawn back to the prescience of Keith Lyons on the 2nd day of 2018

“We can let go of ‘world leading’ statements and just do our very best to engender a love of play, games and sport”

Having the courage to let go – of Grand Plans, Heroic Leadership and Status Seeking – may just enable us to better engage and interact with each other and a complex sporting landscape.