#relearn – round 2

Mark Upton
Jan 27, 2016

Very much looking forward to the 2nd installment of relearn in Marlow, Buckinghamshire this evening. With a slightly different attendee demographic from the first event, it is going to be an intriguing journey across the 4 hours we are together. The diversity in the group is fantastic – we have coaches, managers/coordinators of sporting departments, sport scientists, academics and other roles – and yet there appears a common thread around creating environments for helping people be their best. Certainly a case of “connect on your similarities, benefit from your differences”.

The diversity of the group is one unique aspect of this event. The other is taking a learner-centred approach as we adapt to meet the needs of the attendees. Creating a space for them to engage, present their aspirations(and the inherent challenges), and to connect with the collective wisdom and experience in the room.

Our role is to apply a small number of constraints that will facilitate the emergence of a positive and challenging (maybe even slightly uncomfortable at times) learning experience. For us, the sprinkling of uncertainty this approach brings instills a slightly uneasy feeling – yet one we know we must embrace. We also sense that many are uncertain themselves about this type of event and are perhaps more familiar with, and prepared to fork out significant sums of money for, the “sage on stage” dynamic. The absolute ease with which uncritical cherry picking – “I like that”, “I don’t like that” – can take place in that environment is something we are trying to avoid if possible. This is a significant cultural shift that will take time.

So, the scene is set. We look forward to sharing our reflections on #relearn 2 in the next week and hope to engage with you in your learning journey at some point.