relearn Leadership

…navigational support in times of uncertainty


What is our intent?

Modern society is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly uncertain. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has further amplified this volatility and presented those in leadership positions, including those in sport, with a range of highly complex challenges to navigate. We believe that the circumstances we currently find ourselves in are asking significant questions of whether our old ways of working are still fit for purpose:

What does it mean to recognise and attend to our responsibilities as custodians of our sporting way of life?

How can we ensure that our sport is meaningfully and purposefully connected to our communities?

How might we best organise the resourcing of sporting endeavour in a spirit of mutuality and common purpose?

Our view is that those leaders who are willing to sit with questions like these can sieze the moment and harness an urgent and exciting opportunity to ‘relearn’ leadership & organisational approaches to life in sport. We have set up this 6-month online learning programme to support up to a dozen such leaders, on a personal and professional journey of fellowship, accompanied by Mark, Al & Jono.

Who is it for?

Most likely people who hold senior positions in a sports organisation, and particularly those at a “system(ic) level” in national/governing bodies.

You could be a:

• Board Member/Director/CEO

• Performance/Sporting Director

• Head of Coaching/Performance

• Head of Participation/Community

• Head of Talent/Pathways

• Director of School Sport

Central to this programme is the concept of “action learning”, therefore you will need to be in a position to take action, experiment & collaborate with others inside and outside of your organisation. There will also be an option to involve 1or 2 other people from your organisation in aspects of the programme.



What will the journey involve?

• You will undertake an “action learning” project based around a current challenge or dilemma in your role/organisation, with Mark, Al & Jono directly supporting you as you navigate this challenge

• You will be involved in a community of practice – sharing experiences with others and being able to tap into the wisdom of our community “fellows” who have already taken steps down this path – a combination of group calls and online spaces for collaboration will be offered

• You will have access to a carefully curated network of content and material that will help you reflect, stimulate new thinking and connect practice with theory



First 6-month cohort commencing in May 2020

Please email to explore your interest further

View/download the relearnLeadership flyer