(Learning) Space Invaders

Mark Upton
Feb 11, 2016

Not that long ago, in a galaxy not that far away, there was a space

Over time young people (along with a select few adults) discovered the elements to make it a rich and vibrant space for learning. All was at peace in the galaxy.


However peaceful times rarely last. Around the turn of the century some ambitious characters arrived from another galaxy.


All of a sudden, the Learning Space was vulnerable and the need for a Protector emerged.


For a while the would-be Invaders were content to hang around the periphery and engage in friendly chat with the Protector. They even shared a few ideas with the Protector that enriched the learning space.

Eventually, the power hungry Invaders revealed their true intentions, launching an all-out assault on the Learning Space and the gallant Protector.


Despite the Protectors best efforts (such as reasoning with the Invaders to get them to understand the learning space and, when that failed, faking compliance with the Invaders demands), it was an exercise in futility.


Inevitably the Protector weakened and finally succumbed, the only choices left being to join the Invaders or flee to a far away corner of the galaxy. The Learning Space was now fully exposed and at the mercy of the Invaders.


The Invaders swamped the Learning Space and it quickly faded away, becoming nothing more than a distant memory.


Euphoric, the Invaders began an intensive search for the holy grail – “High Performance”.

Unfortunately for the Invaders, it was nowhere to be found….

(thanks to Julian Stodd for the inspiration regarding the visuals)