Coaching & Coach Development in Australia – #jointheconversation

By Mark Upton


Today I had the pleasure of hosting Ash Ross, Dave Reynolds and Sean Douglas for a conversation on coaching and coach development in Australia. You can listen to the audio recording below.

We meander through a landscape of topics, starting with personal life/sport journeys, transitioning from playing to coaching, realisation of coaching as continuous learning, the shift from coach education to examples of “in-situ” coach learning and development (and the challenges of being able to do more of that).

In the second half of the conversation we “zoom out” to look at system-building, influence of a hyper-competitive societal culture on trust and collaboration across sport, indigenous wisdom, transitory nature of grassroots coaches, and tackling the long-standing issue of an excessive focus on winning in junior/youth sport (that reveals our “shadow side”).

We would love others to #jointheconversation so please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the next one (all going well, before Christmas!)