Coaching & Coach Development in Australia – conversation #2

By Mark Upton


Today we (Ash Ross, Dave Reynolds and myself) were delighted to have Alexis Lebedew join and continue the conversation on coaching and coach development in Australia. Across an hour we covered….

  • Alexis’ journey – volleyball playing/coaching, performance analysis, gymnastics, coach development (via Australia, USA and Singapore)
  • How Alexis & Dave got a start in coaching and valuable early experiences in developing as a coach
  • “past and present” of coaching and coach development in Australia
  • junior coaching and coach development challenges (developing coach expertise for this level)
  • Documentaries (Last Dance) and mainstream media shaping narratives (beliefs) regarding performance, leadership, coaching
  • coach-child relationships and “coaching people”
  • recognising high performing/expert coaching at any level (not the same thing as coaching high performing athletes!)
  • analysis of coach communication and feedback
  • what role for accreditation in developing coaching quality?
  • the range of roles and interactions for supporting and developing coaches

I was so pleased we could finish the conversation with a small tribute to Keith Lyons, who sadly passed away earlier this year after making a wonderful contribution to coach learning in sport. Keith’s blog is a valuable part of the legacy he leaves behind, and I see this #jointheconversation initiative as building on his efforts. 


You can listen to the recording below…


This is the 2nd conversation we have recorded – the first conversation can be accessed here.

There is an open invitation to #jointheconversation so please get in touch if you would like to be involved and contribute.