A need to “relearn”?

Mark Upton
Sep 15, 2015

Self-Directed Learning is almost certainly at the core of the future of learning – @trenducation

This is quite a powerful statement. What emerging evidence might provoke such a strong statement? Is it relevant to learning in sport?

Well, in the last few weeks we have come across 3 examples…

Paul Cortes describing his self-directed journey in understanding and effectively implementing a games-based coaching approach.(http://learntocoachbasketball.com/thoughts-from-a-long-time-reader)

I sought out books on the topic at hand and read as much as I could. I followed coaches and sports scientists on twitter and went through my timeline each morning, reading their discussions and favoriting the links they shared for further reading. I watched coaching DVDs and noted the drills that fit the criteria of a gamelike drill, ones that include not only the action, but the perception as well. I began building a bank of those drills that I now use in my practices. I found other blogs that share the philosophy and emailed with various coaches back and forth. I started my own blog, HoopThink, not because I felt like I had anything special to say, but because I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I wanted to get feedback from other coaches. I also learn a lot when I write things down. I’m too self conscious to keep and write a journal, but yet I’m willing to publish something for the masses to see. Go figure.

Also, Julius Yego the new world-champion in the Javelin event…

I do not have a coach, my motivation comes from within. My coach is me, and my YouTube videos

And finally, Kit Dale, Australia’s first world-class black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

So here I am, Kit Dale, 28 years old achieving a Black Belt in 4 years without world-class coaches, without world class training partners and in a country that has never produced a World Champion Black Belt. I’m living proof that you don’t have to have the best coach, nor the best training partners or facility or a million different techniques. All you need is an intelligent approach, an open mind, and a belief system stronger than your loudest critics.

3 great stories of self-directed learning. But is it the future? Is it THE answer? When it comes to learning, what is the role of the coach? or the coach developer? or the sporting club/organisation? or research and theory? These are questions that are in need of a forum…

We are trying to create that forum through an event called “relearn” – a space for anyone to contribute to shaping the future of learning in sport, at any level.

We would love to have you involved, so please take the first step to finding out more and contributing by following the link below…


relearn | a rethink of learning

we believe its time to rethink learning and development in sport and we’re finding that this view is shared by more and…