Ministry of Football

Al Smith

Mar 10, 2016

In our latest hangout we caught up with Mark Carter, the Director of Ministry of Football. MoF is a youth football programme that takes an innovative approach focussed on providing young people with environments that support their holistic learning and development needs through the game.

Their methods are informed by Mark’s varied and extensive international experience as a coach and educator and we thoroughly enjoyed discussing both what makes MoF special and the theories and experiences that underpin their approach.

As an example of their thinking, they constrain the ability of coaches and parents to talk at the kids too much by playing music during games. We thought this would be a step too far for the hangout but Mark’s video dropped out early on to give us something of a related communication constraint although we’re sure you’ll enjoy hearing from him all the same.

Mark is always looking for ways to improve and develop what they do at MoF so we know he would welcome hearing from anyone interested in discussing or even getting involved in their work. You can check out the MoF website at and connect with Mark on twitter @MinistryOfFooty.